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Angling Tours in India:

Fishing activity is as old as human existence on the planet itself, however now it has also transformed from being a means of survival to a leisure activity. India offers numerous rivers originating from high Himalayas and Western Ghats and several other mountain ranges that provide perfect set up for angling activities, complete with stunning natural beauty amidst the hills and forested areas.

India is home not only to charismatic mammal and avian species but also to some of the most majestic game fish species. Among angling enthusiasts, the rivers in India are best known for its legendary Golden Mahseer, gigantic Goonch (a member of Catfish group) fishes in addition to brown and rainbow trout and Kalabasu.

The most popular rivers for fly fishing are Ramganga, Koshi, Kali, Kameng, Manas, Lohit, and Indus in the Himalayan regions and Krishna and Kaveri in the Western Ghat. Other important rivers for angling are the Godavari, Narmada in central India.

These river valleys provide the ideal surroundings for angling with pristine mountain rivers flowing through it, teeming with amazing fish species that form the real fishing paradise.

We offer specialized fishing expeditions for Golden Mahseer, Goonch in Ramganga, Koshi, and Kali river valley. The specially designed angling tour on the Ramganga, Koshi, and Kali River involves assisted angling with a fishing guide and jeep (4X4) support.

Our tailor-made angling tours in India provide opportunity to enjoy your special fishing and angling interest while staying close to nature in some of the best fishing paradises in the country. So travel to the ultimate angling and fishing destination in the Himalayas with our expert guides and professional anglers to satisfy your hunt and have a lifetime experience.

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