Ayurveda and wellness Tours in India

Ayurveda Tours in India

Visit India to heal your mind, body, and soul through one of the most ancient and holistic medical systems in the world- ‘The Ayurveda’.  Ayurveda literally means the “Science of life and longevity”, and has been in practice in the Indian Subcontinent for more than three millennia. Its popularity has increased significantly during the last few decades, as an alternative medical system.  

Ayurveda believes in a balanced combination of three vital forces within the body – Vata or wind, Pita or Fire, and Kapha or Earth. The treatment focuses on establishing this unique balance through herbal medicines, balanced food, and a balanced lifestyle.  

The herbs and ingredients required in the preparation of medicines are procured from the natural surroundings and are customized and personalized for every individual.  Shirodhara and Swedhana are some popular forms of therapies available, that rejuvenates your mind and body. You may like to try Ayurveda massages and herbal baths for destressing and complete detoxification.

You can avail of services of some well-known Ayurveda and wellness resorts and wellness centers in the country. Ayurveda and yoga tours in India are the perfect getaway for destressing and rejuvenation. There are many places in India that have introduced Ayurveda and Yoga to meet the individual needs of tourists like stress, anxiety, depression, detoxification, fatigue, body aches, and other ailments, along with serene accommodations amid beautiful sceneries.

States like Kerala and Uttarakhand have emerged as the prime destination for Ayurveda and wellness tours in India with several Ayurveda resorts and centers, where you can undergo different kinds of Ayurveda treatments and practices. Some of the renowned Ayurveda centers in India are Haridwar, Rishikesh, Trivandrum,  Trichy, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, and many more.

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