Paro Takschang, or “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, Bhutan


Bhutan “The Country of Happiness”, remains one of the last places on earth which remains largely unexplored, mostly uncatalogued, and truly remote and exotic. Experience Bhutan through our Bhutan Tours. the Himalayan Kingdom is well known for its authentic cultural experience which has remained mostly untouched and unspoiled by the forces of modern influence.

This heavenly country offers some of the most stunning mountain views of Himalayan landscape, immense scenic beauty, deep river valleys, and also boasts of being one of the designated Biodiversity Hotspots of the world.  Bhutan is the land of legends, Yeti, Folk tales, Dzongs (fortress), Tshechu (Traditional Buddhist festival), and a realm of unique culture and lifestyle.   

Bhutan, which is called “Druk Yul’, or the “Land of Thunder Dragon” by the local people, is the last of the Himalayan Kingdoms and this small Himalayan Country is one of the last bastions for Tantric Mahayana Buddhism. This tiny dragon kingdom has been largely successful in sustaining their Buddhist values and philosophy of happiness in everyday lives.

The country lies in the lap of mighty Himalayas tucked between the two of the Asian Giants, India to the South and China to the North. However, her neighbors and other major countries of the world it has followed a very different approach toward development, what they call “The Middle Path “ of development, which makes it even more attractive and must-visit country for evolved tourists. Bhutan quietly and peacefully follows its own unique model of development with an emphasis on environmental and cultural sustainability and ensure that any development is not at the cost of environmental or cultural cost.

For the inhabitants of this tiny kingdom of fewer than one million people every life form as valued and sacred as human life. This cultural and religious value system coupled with her unique development model of “Gross National Happiness” has ensured that Bhutan is the only country where the constitution assures that more than 60% of the country should be perpetually covered in natural forest.

Bhutan has consciously followed the policy that it will forgo rapid industrialization and exploitation of minerals, to protect its fragile Himalayan ecosystems and to ensure that she remains a perpetual carbon-neutral country and keep on acting as a carbon sink for other countries as well.

The isolation and remoteness of Bhutan, coupled with its conscious policy of regulated tourism has helped to ensure that she has largely been able to protect the authenticity and beauty of both her culture and nature.  The limited number of people who visit this serene, pristine country return back with some really mesmerizing memories to cherish throughout their life.

Bhutan tours are not just about a tour to any other country but immersing oneself in a splendid adventure and also about discovering a way of life that does not exist anywhere. It takes you back into time into the era when man and nature coexisted harmoniously. Come experience the last Shangri-La – a realm of complete peace, tranquillity, and contentment, through our Bhutan Tour packages.  

Highlights of Bhutan

Mountain Biking:

Mountain biking in Bhutan has started to gain the attention of adventure seekers because of the unique and mesmerizing location and the exotic cultural experiences that this Himalayan kingdom offers.  The Himalayan Kingdom provides you the unmatched and perfect setup for mountain biking through its rugged terrain, amazing Himalayan view coupled with lush green valleys, and mesmerizing cultural landscape.

You can select from different kinds of options available for mountain biking throughout the country based upon the difficulty level and your specific requirements.

Bhutan provides you biking terrain which varies from the plains of the Terai region down south to daunting Himalayan peaks of the north. The biking experience over the roof of the world will provide lifetime experience and memories.

The entire trail is an amazing combination of river valleys, high Himalayan hills, small mountain hamlets, monasteries, and rugged rocky terrains. The steep slopes and daunting climbs throughout the trail will keep testing your stamina and grit and will reveal the adventurous side of your character.  

You will gain first-hand experience of the pollution-free setting with spectacular landscape, various forms of cultures, village folks going about with their daily life in traditional dresses, ancient monasteries, and the natural wonders at the best.

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Trekking and Hiking:

Bhutan provides you the immense and diverse scope of treks varying from half-day treks to treks of a week or more. With breath-taking views of Himalayan peaks and the serene river valleys, it provides you unparalleled landscape for trekking, directly out of the postcard scenery.

The moment you start your trek within no time you will find yourself in the middle of the Himalayan landscape with the pollution-free breeze and the densely forested hillside and the river valleys, the magical sounds of the birds, and the fast-flowing hushing streams, flowing from the glacial melts from the Himalayan peaks to the sub-tropical forests down south.

The capital city of Thimphu provides you diverse options for trekking. Another major center for trekking activities in the country is Paro. The Druk Path (connecting Thimphu to Paro) and the Snowman trail are some of the most popular treks in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Some of the treks follow the ancient trade routes with the pristine cultural heritage of the countryside. These adventure activities provide a rich experience for the body and soul and an opportunity to experience the real heart of Bhutan.  

Bird Watching:

Bird-watching tours, Bodhisattva Travels

Bhutan is a designated Biodiversity Hotspot with more than 70% of its total landmass under forest cover is home to about 770 species of bird, of which 26 species are either endangered or under the threatened category.

The location of Bhutan between the rainforests of Eastern India and the Himalayan plateau of Tibet has blessed it with some amazing diversity and population of avian fauna.  Bhutan is a paradise for Birdwatching in Asia.

River Rafting:

Bhutan is home to the highest mountain Himalayas and several rivers originating from the high mountains. The fast flowing rivers originating from glacial melts provide immense opportunities for white water rafting. The cold water of the rivers with some of the most stunning views of Himalayan River Valleys and pristine culture during the float provides unparalleled adventure experience.

Handicraft & Textile Tour:

Bhutan is famous for its unique style and impressive skills in handicrafts and textiles. It has some of the finest textiles in the world with its intricate patterns, designs, and colors that are unmatched.

The homespun fabric and natural dyes extracted from surroundings make them some of the prettiest in the world and can be recognized anywhere in the world instantly.

The centuries-old skill of hand-weaving is a very important part of the local tradition and many a time’s weavers consider the craft of weaving itself to be a spiritual exercise. The traditional designs are often depicted in the Dzongs and monasteries through breath-taking murals.

The local tribes have remained mostly isolated from each other until the recent past, because of high mountain terrains and deep valleys, and the textile patterns have evolved differently often depicting the environment and traditions of the weavers.

Silk and cotton textiles were preferred in the warm and dry east whereas wool fabric was preferred in cold central Bhutan.

The aboriginal Tshanglas, or Sharchops, from the east, mostly prefer silk work while the tribes of Central Bhutan like the Bumthaps, work with wool and Yak hairs. The major textile forms of Bhutan are Kishuthara, Mathra, and Bura from Radhi, besides several other coveted textiles.

Cultural Tours:

Cultural Tours, Bhutan, Bodhisattva Travels

The rich cultural heritage and pristine and unique religious traditions of Bhutan makes the cultural tours one of the major tourist attractions of the country. Bhutan has largely remained isolated because of the conscious decision to protect its natural and cultural heritage from external forces of change.  This has ensured that the heavenly “Land of Thunder Dragon” provides an authentic and unspoiled cultural experience that has been mostly lost in the other parts of the world.

Bhutan’s culture is more than 1300 years old with rich arts and unique and stunning architectural styles. You will still find men and women wearing their traditional dress called Gho and Kira in their daily lives and their workplaces.

 Buddhism, introduced in the 7th century has a strong impact on the culture and traditions of the country and some of the major Buddhist festivals are the biggest tourist attractions. These festivals are also a time to get together for families, neighbors, and local communities and you can often see them in their best dresses and ornaments during these festivities.

The major religious festivals are held every year in different regions of the country on different dates based on their lunar calendar. Many of these festivals are held on special auspicious dates related to Bodhisattvas, and the festival of Tse Chu (celebrated on the 10th day of the Buddhist calendar) is the most significant one.

Tse Chu is celebrated to mark the victory of saints over evil and it is believed that the celebration of this festival, or even watching the festival, brings about prosperity, happiness, and good luck to the family and the whole community.

The courtyards of Dzongs become the platforms for the celebration of mask dances. Some of the major festivals celebrated in Bhutan are, Thimpu Festival, Paro Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, and the Ghomphu Kora festival. 

Spiritual and wellness tours:

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Bhutan has always remained one of the major spiritual and wellness centers in South Asia from ancient times. Every sphere of life and culture of this Buddhist Himalayan country is a spiritual quest in itself. The tranquil and serene Himalayan hills and river valleys of Bhutan have always been frequented by ascetics, in search of the meaning of life, because it provided them a perfect recluse for meditation and follow spiritual practices. 

The Buddhist spiritual ambiance and the pristine nature will provide you the perfect setting for your spiritual quest. You may like to take a three-hour hike to reach the iconic Paro Takschang, or “Tiger’s Nest” Monastery, one of the most visited monasteries, hanging on the edge of a cliff. 

Historically Bhutan was also known as ‘Menjong’, or the valley of medicinal herbs due to its rich medicinal flora and fauna. The history tells the story of King Sindhu Raja, who was cured of his ailments by a combination of treatment through the application of different herbs and rituals by Padmasambhava; a Tantric master.

Zhabdrung (founder of Bhutan) had immense interest in medicines and he used to send his disciples to Tibet, one of the established centers of learning at that time, to learn medicines. The royal courts employed their own private physicians, who were experts in traditional medicines.

One of the most famous and unique wellness traditions of Bhutan is the “Hot Stone Bath”. Any visit to Bhutan is incomplete without experiencing the iconic hot stone bath, a perfect way to relax and heal your body and soul, which is believed to provide numerous health benefits.

The Hot stone bath uses medicinal water called ‘Menchu’, which is basically fresh stream water sprinkled with lots of Artemisia leaves. The medicinal water in the wooden bathtub is heated by using round river stones which are roasted on fire till they get glowing red hot. The temperature of the water can be increased by adding more red hot stones into a wooden chamber, which is attached to the bathtub, thereby eliminating any risk of burns by the hot stone.

The roasted stones are believed to release beneficial minerals into the water. Traditionally the hot stone bath was conducted near the river where there was plenty of supply of round rocks and water. But now you can enjoy the authentic hot stone bath in the indoor set up of your hotel or in open surroundings enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayan valleys. You can soak yourself in medicinal hot water for an hour or two, enjoying the beverage of your choice. The hot stone bath can be followed by a salt scrub (to remove dead cells) and oil massage.

The minerals released in the water by roasted steam stones along with the herbs sprinkled in the river water is believed to provide medical benefits for muscle pain, joint pains, stomach disorders, arthritis besides providing relive to the tired muscles and body, after a long day of sightseeing and trekking in the Himalayan hills. 

Besides this unique wellness and spiritual activities you can also visit numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries scattered all over Bhutan. You may like to spend some time talking to the great Buddhist teachers and practicing meditation in the serene Himalayan setup.

Wildlife Tours:

Bhutan is one of the designated ‘Biodiversity Hot Spots’ in the world and home to numerous species of flora and fauna. One of the most visited protected areas for wildlife tours in Bhutan is Manas Sanctuary, the oldest National Park of the country, situated in the southern part of Bhutan.  You can have an interface with the wild side of Bhutan through elephant safari. It is home to some of the rarest and endangered iconic wildlife including the Tiger, Golden Langur, One-horned Rhinoceros, Gaur, pygmy hog, hispid hare and not to be missed the Asian Elephants. It is also home to hundreds of bird species.

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