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Birdwatching Tours in India:

India is one of the most fascinating areas for bird watching tours and home to 1346 species of birds, of which 76 are endemic to the country. Besides India has 467 designated Important Bird Areas (IBAs) spread across India, which shows the significance, richness, and healthy bird habitats across India.  

India is different Ecozones and different kinds of topography ranging from deserts to rainforests, estuaries to alpine habitat at snowcapped mountains. This results in a great diversity of birds found across the regions and many migratory birds use these habitats either as nesting grounds or as an ideal location for food resources.

The thousands of water bodies across India, including 37 Ramsar sites and 61 bird sanctuaries, provides healthy and protected habitats for different kinds of avian fauna. The water bodies and the protected areas for birds also attract hundreds of species of birds during different seasons to their favored landscapes.

Some of the iconic species you may spot in India are Ibis bills, Great Indian Bustard, Saras crane, Forest Owlet, Bengal Florican, White Bellied Heron, Indian Pitta, Himalayan Quail, Siberian Crane, wall creeper, Malabar Barbet, Painted Spurfowl, and hundreds of others.

The best time for birding is from late November to February when there are altitudinal and long-distance migrant birds also besides the resident species of the country.  Our bird experts will help you explore diverse bird species of the area, and a few of these bird species would most likely be the new additions to your bird’s checklist. We offer you a plethora of tailor-made bird watching tours across India.

The major birding sites in India are Jim Corbett National Park, Pangot, Bharatpur Bird sanctuary, Nainital, Sultanpur, Ranganathittu, Thattekad, Kumarakom, Jamnagar, Rann of Kutch, and scores of more bird watching sites.

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