Sahajatas of Buddha; the Ultimate Teacher

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The scriptures mention that the day Siddhartha was born, several other prominent persons and significant things associated with his life were born/came into existence. These were called “Sahajatas” (born together with Buddha) of Buddha.

Mahabodhi Tree, Bodhgaya, Buddhist Pilgrimage tours , Bodhisattva Travels
Mahabodhi Tree – The Tree of Enlightenment

The Sahajatas of the awakened one were:

  1. Princess Yasodhara (Who later became the wife of Siddhartha)
  2. The Bodhi tree (The tree of enlightenment)
  3. His prime disciple ven. Ananda
  4. Kaludayi, the advisor
  5. Channa, his charioteer
  6. Kanthaka, his horse
  7. The four golden treasures
  8. Prasenadjit, the son of  king Aranemi Brahmadatta of Sravasti
  9. Bimbisar, the son of king Mahapadma of Rajagriha
  10. Udayana, the famous Buddhist king of Kaushambi, son of king Satanika.
Buddha, Buddhist Pilfrimage tours, Bodhisattva Travels
Vietnam Temple, Sarnath

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