Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya, India, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours

Major Destinations in Buddhist Pilgrimage Tours:

(Buddhist Pilgrimage tours in India and Nepal)

The Buddha, in his final discourse to his attendant Ananda on his query about his concern that the monks would no longer be able to see him and pay their respect after his Parinibbana, advised his disciples to visit four places, the sight of which will inspire faith and spiritual urgency after he will be gone.  According to Mahaparinibbana Sutta, these four places of Buddhist Pilgrimage are:

 1. Lumbini: The place where the Buddha was born

2.  Bodhgaya: The place where Budhha attained supreme enlightenment 

 3. Sarnath: The place where Buddha set the Dhamma rolling  

4.   Kushinagar: The place where Buddha attained Parinibbana

Additionally, there are four sites of Buddhist Pilgrimage , where Buddha performed supreme miracle:

  1. Rajgir :   The place where Buddha subdued Nalagiri, the charging elephant
  2. Vaishali : The place where monkey offered  honey to Buddha
  3. Sravasthi: The place where Buddha performed the twin miracles
  4. Sankasiya: The place where Buddha descended from heaven

Together these make the eight great places of Buddhist Circuit Pilgrimage

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