Gwalior is a fortified city of central India founded in the 8th The landscape of the city is dominated by the magnificent Gwalior Fort built on an outcrop of Vindhya hills, on the hill called Gopachal. The Gwalior fort has existed for at least since the 10th century and is home to two main palaces, Man Mahal and Gujari Mahal built in 15th century. Throughout its history it has changed hands several times between Hindu rulers and invading Muslim rulers. By the early 18th century the fort was captured by the Scindia rulers and it remained with them as a princely state under the colonial British Empire. Gwalior is home to Chaturbhuj temple which has the first-ever written Zero. Gwalior is also home to long tradition of music, through Gwalior Gharana of classical music. Tansen and Baiju Bawra, two of the famous medieval singers belonged to Gwalior. The major tourist attractions in Gwalior are Gwalior Fort, Man Mandir Palace, Gujari Mahal, Hathi Pol, Karn Mahal, Vikram Mahal, Teli Ka Mandir, and Gopachal hill.

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