Lumbini :

(The place where the Buddha was born)

Siddhartha, the son of Sakya king Suddhodhana and queen Maya Devi was born in the Lumbini garden in  623 BC.  Lumbini, a “World Heritage Site”, is located in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. Queen Maya Devi gave birth to little Siddhartha while traveling from Kapilavastu to Devadaha (her parent’s home) to give birth to her first child as per the tradition of that time. Along the way she was passing through the Lumbini garden where she stopped to admire the Sal trees in full bloom. She gave birth to Siddhartha on the full moon day of Vaishakha month, in standing position holding the branch of a sal tree. The Buddhist literature mentions that newly born Siddhartha walked 7 steps towards the north and declared to be the chief in the world, and this shall be his last birth and there will be no more becoming for him.

A great immeasurable light emerged at the time of his birth penetrating even the darkest of the places. Simultaneously a Bodhi plant erupted from the soil in Uruvela (present-day Bodhgaya) at the same time of the birth of Buddha (the same tree under which Siddartha attained enlightenment).  In 249 BC Emperor Asoka visited Lumbini and placed a commemorative stone tablet at the exact spot of the birth of Buddha. He also erected a stone pillar to commemorate his visit.

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