Mandawa is a small fort town of Shekhawati region in north Rajasthan. It is famous for its colorful Havelis which has beautiful works of art painted all over them. Because of the colorful paintings all over the old Havelis, Mandawa is also called “Open Art Gallery”.  Founded between the 17th and 18th century this medieval town is a major tourist center in North Rajasthan. The Mandawa Fort, founded in the 18th century dominates the town.  The Havelis built by rich trading families of the Shekhawati region are adorned with paintings in yellow, blue, indigo, and green, mostly with mythological contents. The later paintings also depict the colonial heritage including cars, trains, gramophones, and English men in hunting attires. The major tourist attractions in Mandawa are Mandawa fort, Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli, Murmuria Haveli, Mohan Lal Saraf Haveli Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli, Harlalka well, and numerous other beautifully adorned Haveli scattered all over the township.

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