Prayagraj is one of the most prominent centers of Hindu pilgrimage and Indian art and philosophy. Prayagraj is also home to the largest religious event in the world called Kumbh Mela, where tens of millions of pilgrims participate in the religious event held every twelve years. Besides Prayag is also visited during the Magh Mela which is visited by millions of pilgrims across India. The city of Prayagraj is situated at the confluence of the two most holy rivers of India, Ganga, and the Yamuna. In Hindu scriptures, the city has been described as ‘Tirthraj’- the holiest of the holy pilgrimage destinations. The major places of tourist attraction in Prayagraj are Triveni Ghat at the Sangam (confluence of three holy rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, and now extinct Sarasvati), Hanuman Temple, Mankameshwar Temple Patalpuri Temple, Alopi Devi Temple, Shivkoti Mahadev Temple, Kalyani Devi Temple, Nag Vasuki Temple, and Beni Madhav Temple.

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