Bird Watching Tours

Bird Watching Tours, Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Bird Watching Tours

The Corbett Landscape has one of the richest and most diverse bird habitats in Asia amongst amazing scenery. This ornithological treasure house of the subcontinent situated in the foothills of Himalayas is a designated IBA (Important Bird Area) by  Birdlife International with over 550 species of birds (including over 50 species of raptors).

Corbett exhibits high degree of variation and diversity in birds largely due to altitude varying from 400 feet to over  3000  feet leading to different forest types in a relatively small region. Secondly  the park is located in the transition zone between high altitudes and the plains and here the avifauna of the lower Himalayas meets that of the Indian plains resulting in high diversity. Additionally, it is also favored by migratory birds from further north  in  Asia, which are attracted to the several rivers/streams and  reservoirs in the landscape .

The best time for birding is from late November to February, when there are altitudinal and long distance migrants also besides the resident species of the landscape.

Our bird experts will help you explore diverse bird species of the area , and a few of them would most likely be the new additions to your check list.   Plan your next Bird Watching tours in Corbett Landscape with the skilled team of Bodhisattva travels.

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