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River Rafting in India

India is home to some of the best rivers for a rafting adventure. There are two main groups of rivers that are quite famous for rafting activities, the rivers originating in the Himalayan Mountains and the rivers originating in rainforests of Western Ghat mountain ranges.

The rivers originating in the world’s highest mountain range of the Himalayas are fast-flowing and fed by glacial melts provides immense opportunities for white water rafting. The cold water of the rivers with some of the most stunning views of Himalayan River Valleys and traditional mountain architecture, during the float, provides unparalleled and a lifetime experience. The Indian rivers offer you rapids from level I to level VI, which you can attempt with the team of expert rafters!!

Among the Himalayan rivers, there are more than a dozen of roaring rivers which are very popular for a rafting adventure. Among the Himalayan states, you may try your hands punching and try high siding in the river Ganges in Rishikesh  (in the mountain state of Uttarakhand) with a night stay at any of the tented accommodation near the river beach.  The other rivers famous for rafting activities in Uttarakhand are Tons and Kali. Himachal Pradesh is another Himalayan state where river Beas is most popular for rafting activities. Other major rivers originating in the Himalaya providing the extreme adventure of river rafting are Yamuna, Kameng, Lohit, Spiti, and Zanskar.

The rivers originating in the Western Ghats, in southern India provide no less thrilling experience compared to their Himalayas counterparts. Fed by rainforests of the Sahyadri range these rivers provide the ultimate kind of rafting experience in the frothing and thundering white waters of rivers like Kundalika in Kolad and Barapole in Coorg.

The rafting options available in Indian rivers are suitable for all age groups and every kind of proficiency level starting from beginners to professional rafters. Families with kids can enjoy gentle rafting in easy grade rivers. The rafting trips generally vary from a single day trip to a few weeks trip, with intermittent breaks for meals and night stay in tented accommodations near the river beaches. 

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