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We are an Indian Tour Operator which specializes in Buddhist Circuit tours and Ecotourism in India and Nepal. Bodhisattva Travels works with a team of professionals who have received education and training from premier institutes in India.

We endeavor to provide you the best services towards  following in Buddha’s footsteps and take you along the path that changed the course of mankind as well as we provide opportunities to experience and conserve the diverse and rich ecosystems of India.

Come travel with the experts who have extensive knowledge and skills about the region and its ecosystems to make your journey with us, one of the most memorable journeys you will have!!

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Bodhisattva travels specializes in Buddhist pilgrimage tours in India and Nepal. Follow in the footsteps that Buddha had once taken and visit the places where Buddhism originated and attained its glory.  Visit  Lumbini ,  Bodhgaya,  Sarnath,  Kushinagar, Rajgir, Vaishali , Sankasiya and  Sravasthi, the eight great places of Buddhist Pilgrimage. We also provide wildlife tours, adventure tours, heritage tours, Wellness Tours and educational tours across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

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